frustrated website owner

Having a super hard time finding someone to come to your office and work and stick around?

Having a super hard time finding someone to work from a remote location?

I have the solution for you, I have done it before with great success and it works almost 100% of the time.

The problems you are having are normal and very common, so common in fact that we get most of our busness by coming behind people who have made a mess of things and fixing them. Have you tried outsourcing to other countries and had a bad experience (or even nightmarish)? Maybe you have hired people to work at your office but cannot seem to find someone at a reasonable rate that can do the job? Ok, that is very common, but the problem with hiring people can be easily solved using our technique.

The solution can really be summed up in 2 words: "Proper Collaboration"

You see, website design and programming is all about getting someone to understand exactly what it is you want, then having a way to see what was done and know if it has been completed correctly. Having a proper workflow can be all the difference in the world.

Here are some of the common problems people have when dealing with a web designer / web developer (does not matter if they are in your office or at a remote location):
  • Developer does not do things the way you want
  • The good ones cost too much
  • They tell you how great something is only to find out it was a bad decision
  • The website has lots of bugs, something is always breaking and they seem to break something everytime they fix something
  • The website does not do what it is supposed to, meaning that it does not perform
  • There are lots more but they all relate to the same thing

We create a customized solution for your business, we anylize what your requirements are, then anylize what would be the best solution, then we find the right person, then we teach everyone how to work together. We are there when you need us also, we will constantly support you until you have the perfect employee and a perfect way to collaborate. Then you have it made, a great programmer / developer / designer at a great rate that is getting lots done and is doing it exactly how you want it.

Also, when you have an idea or need some advice you can call me and get my input, you may be supprised and what type of input you can get from a 15 year web veteran that knows php inside and out, javascript and jquery very very well, had lots of experience in website design, has set up over 400 websites, 21 years experience in ecommerce, that is where I got my start, working in an office for a large art wholesaler, we created a great online business back in 1997 and kept building onto it for years.

Ok, you are probably saying to yourself, get to the point, stop telling me what the problem is and tell me the solution

Well, for that I am going to need you to contact us, you can do that on our contact us page, or our request a quote page or call us at 954-495-8055.
We have the experience to get everything on the right track and make it fun and enjoyable, (and profitable)

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