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PHP Frameworks are a great way to standardize your project and get some great results from your work. They are very secure, easy to work with and loaded with great features that have been tested thouroughly. We choose Zend Framwork and CakePHP as our primary php frameworks and codebases.

Why Choose CakePHP?

CakePHPCakePHP has been a rising star among php frameworks and has become one of the best frameworks for small, mid sized and even most large projects. Fast uptime, fast development time and very stable.

Why Choose Zend?

Zend FrameworkThere are many reasons why we (and many other developers) choose Zend as their primary framwork of choice. One reason that goes without saying is that the company who build php is the same company who produced the Zend Framework.

No one knows php better than the company that develops the programming language so it seems to use that it would have more insider knowledge on how php actually works.

Is your project right for Zend Framework?

Since deciding on using Zend could sometimes be a difficult decision and we have compiled a short list of reasons why you may consider a framework for you next project.

Using A Framework For Your Project Would Be Good If:
  • Your project is in the planning stages. This allows the project to be designed using a framework and engineered to use the power of the framework.
  • You have a project that is poorly written and it would be easier to start over rather than keep going with the existing code.
  • You need a very secure system and would like to use something tested thoroughly.
  • You want to take advantage of a rapid development envoronment.

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